All Natural Plant Biostimulant
SAR Activator
Plant Stress Reducer

What is Trichome Mania?

Trichome Mania is an all natural biostimulant and plant protector.

The product is derived from Chitin, which is found in the exoskeletons of shrimp, crabs, lobsters and some insects.

When a plant absorbs the chitin, it is tricked into thinking it is under attack and triggers the plant’s Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR).

The flood of plant hormones triggered by the chitosan:

  1. Increase plant vigor and disease resistance
  2. Reduce the effects of abiotic streeors such as heat and drought
  3. Enhances soil capabilities
  4. Destroys pathogens but protects beneficial microbes
  5. Reduces transpiration rates

SAR is a highly desirable trait in crop production as it createsbroad spectrum and long-lasting resistance to pathogens (including botrytis, Pythium and powdery mildew).

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Improves Pest & Pathogen Resistance

Seed Soak, Root Drench & Foliar Spray

Reduces Abiotic Plant Stress

Sediment Free & Hydro Compatible

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