Chitosan Bio Stimulant Natural Plant
Enhancer and Protector

S.A.R. Activator

What is it TRICHOME MANIA - Chitosan?

TRICHOME MANIA-Chitosan is a 100% natural bio-stimulant made of Chitosan from Chilean shrimp and langostino shells.  Because these crustaceans have exoskeletons like insects, the plants think they are being attacked by pests and it activates S.A.R. (Systemic Acquired Resistance) within plants to produce markedly higher amounts of trichomes (cannabinoids, terpenoids, resins) which directly benefit yield, taste and aroma, giving you higher quality plants and ROI.

Add Trichome Mania to your current nutrient regimen for enhanced protection and maximum yields. 

Great for hydroponic gardens & grows

Germination and growth stimulation

Improved Pest & fungal Resistance

Protection from extreme temperatures

Happy Growing!

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