About Us

Why Chitosan?

Chitosan is used worldwide as a biostimulant and SAR activator (Systemic Aquired Resistance) and is considered a leading biostimulant wordwide. Our Chitosan is made from discarded and recycled shrimp, prawn and crab shells. Chitosan can also originate from fungi and is commonly used in the wine industry on grape crops. 

Chitosan is made from Chitin obtained from crustacean shells. Chitin is also present in insect exoskeletons, so plants sense Trichome Mania Chitosan as an insect attack and 100 percent naturally activates the SAR response.

Use of Trichomemania on your crops will result in:

1. Increased root growth and plant mass

2. Remarkable improvement of trichome glands, terpenes as well as increases in size, density and quality of fruit

3. Increased resistance to fungi, microbes and pests

4. Reduced light burn when foliage is drenched

About our Process

Located in the Coquimbo Region of Chile, our world-class processing plant is dedicated to the formulation and output of products derived from crustacean shell byproduct. 

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